it’s april 21st

and it made a lot of sense to wait until today to release our monthly post.

what does this mean? what do we celebrate today?

not precisely a celebration… yet, from today onwards, google will penalize positioning on those sites that are not mobile-compatible, or not “responsive”.

responsive-web-designwe just grabbed this image from some odd place, and it is awesome how much it adpats to what we did! 

we just finished the site shown below a couple of  weeks ago, this is how it looks now when you’re displaying it on a laptop or a desktop computer.desktopscreenshotand yesterday night, saved by the bell, we enabled responsiveness and this is how it looks on a mobile and on an iPadresponsive-lnfand this is where we started from…


it took us a lot of work, but we’re delighted about the result, indeed! and what’s better, the customer’s happy too.

is your site responsive? contact us in case it’s not, we’re willing to help you build a better ux!


less is more


another recent work from the previous months: a plastic artist approached us to rebuild her website. not bad at all! we had to start off from a flash-based site, to turn it into a highly customized wordpress template in which there is no content at all, just header and footer, because… ehr… we just didn’t need it! and, well… thanks to a powerful slider which makes everything else possible!

we’ll finish this one soon and get back to some state-of-the-art product management activity for our april issue. fun fun fun!

tuuxedo goes vintage

we’re happy to annonce this make of a site that we just finished!

teaming up with a great designer and working with a clear-minded vintage shop owner… things can’t get any more fun!

we’re really proud of this one!

some new sites

guess what we did just before xmas time…

we just picked up a dossier of projects run by an engineering company and made a website out of it.

and yes, we learned and enjoyed a lot doing this!

more coming in february!

santa’s coming with news

hi again!

we just finished a project last friday. one about structural calculations. yet, we find that a monthly post isn’t quite enough to tell you all we’re doing. we’re into new projects for the time being. an online shop with a brand identity that we’re builiding from the scratch. an art gallery virtual exhibition with 2.0 connections. a wedding planner site. all of them are exciting stories. hopefully they will become exciting success stories to tell in 2015!

meanwhile, enjoy xmas!

merry xmas from the tuuxedo team!

been there… done that… october 2014

apart from some website building and a corporate video which can be found below the text, we attended matelec exhibition in madrid and met there some electricity manufacturers from asia. we discussed how great some of their products were and to which extent their communication material was being helpful enough and potential customers were reaching the booth with clear ideas on what they could expect, and even clearer ideas on what they could use from that precise vendors. we’re now discussing together for further joint action to more effective achievements.

for some change, take a look at a corporate video/slideshow we presented at the end of last month.

more to come next month. stay in tune!

ready for showtime?

we found something, when visiting barcelona mwc and cebit exhibitions earlier this year: most of the promotional material we found at the booths we visited was really useless and unfocused, images had poor quality, brochures had little or none consistency, spelling was quite wrong.

some exhibitions are happening now, like gitex or matelec. we guess we’ll find some more material to laugh at that could be very much improved ;-)

is your company ready for the upcoming shows in winter?
need some help?

count on tuuxedo!

two works finished!

hi all!

we’re mostly doing some websites with special needs. you can find some information in our success stories section. it’s been a busy summer, but seeds are blooming already :-)

…and we have a couple more new sites in progress. coming soon!

stay in tune!

open again!

we spent some nice holidays in the past weeks and had our projects in the fridge for some days. it’s amazing how we’re building new relationships, getting new ideas and finishing some of our most exciting projects with great results.

some websites for spanish customers that you’ll soon hear about give us further energy to start the new season!

we’re ready to raise during fall! ;-)