it’s april 21st

and it made a lot of sense to wait until today to release our monthly post.

what does this mean? what do we celebrate today?

not precisely a celebration… yet, from today onwards, google will penalize positioning on those sites that are not mobile-compatible, or not “responsive”.

responsive-web-designwe just grabbed this image from some odd place, and it is awesome how much it adpats to what we did! 

we just finished the site shown below a couple of  weeks ago, this is how it looks now when you’re displaying it on a laptop or a desktop computer.desktopscreenshotand yesterday night, saved by the bell, we enabled responsiveness and this is how it looks on a mobile and on an iPadresponsive-lnfand this is where we started from…


it took us a lot of work, but we’re delighted about the result, indeed! and what’s better, the customer’s happy too.

is your site responsive? contact us in case it’s not, we’re willing to help you build a better ux!