who’s onboard?

we have quite a crew in our ship. young and able, ready and willing, beautiful people.

there are some telecom engineers around, one of them is specialized in software development, programming and testing / debugging. another one is specialized in technology design, project management and reporting.

we all share our love for aesthetically pleasant things in life, even some of us have fine arts degrees and commit our careers to aesthetics. we have an agile control of design and programming applications and technologies such as photoshop, illustrator, 3d studio, wordpress or joomla, to name a few.

we’re all used to interact in fluent english and spanish equally. you’ll even find some portuguese, french and italian speaking if you insist in using it, but, as of spanish we’re all native spanish speakers with excellent written skills and our english works will be supervised by a team of guys awarded with the certificate of proficiency in english from cambridge university.