docs from the scratch

most manufacturers we’ve worked with are great at getting the best components together in al PCB layout and keeping a roadmap of built-in features. their factories are equipped with state-of-the art machinery, even some are able of direct software changing.

yet, sometimes technology changes quicker than they are able to reflect on user manuals and updating this documentation is a tough work that will delay the product availability.

if this is difficult enough, let alone attempting to do this in different languages, according to different legal policies that can be applied, or even specific requirements with written forms.

from the scratch

in tuuxedo, we’re ready to do this. by a blind exam on how the product works, looking carefully at every possible options, we figure out what to write about the product, depending on the kind of document that is required: a light, 4-page quick guide, an installation guide, a complete user manual, you name ‘em!

then, we also look at regulations or legal requirements, by checking some reference documents from similar products.

what you’ll get from tuuxedo: the guide in the desired format, including everything necessary, ready to be printed