this is tuuxedo

we’re happy to welcome you to tuuxedo. we’ve put this project together in order to help manufacturers, vendors and suppliers build a consistent user experience comprising software, localization, documentation, graphical interfaces.

we’re into UX. We care about how the end-user will handle your product. from the moment they get it out of the box, to the slightest detail in a hidden configuration menu, our task is to make it easy to understand.

more often than not, your customers will speak a different language; live in different, sometimes far-away places; have specific requirements or needs …or just see life with different eyes:

tuuxedo has a proven expertise in working with electronics and communications equipments and applications. we have worked closely with manufacturers, telco operators, marketing departments, language experts, web and app programmers and, most importantly, end customers.

don’t hesitate to check what tuuxedo can offer to your business.